Alloy Productions is an internet consulting company. We help people create and manage blogs, podcasts and various social media. These outlets are known as “New Media” because, just like radio, TV or print publications, they are a form of media. But since the digital age has come along,  these new forms of media have started to surpass their traditional counterparts. Blogs and websites have started to replace magazines/newspapers, podcasts are a substitute for radio and TV is being replaced by YouTube.  Social media is the link in the chain between consumers of media and the media itself. Many people will “Like” or “Follow” a website they enjoy on Facebook or Twitter so they can stay updated on the news that matters to them. You can also subscribe to many blogs and websites, just like a newspaper or magazine, via RSS feed. This is the new wave of how businesses will connect with their clients and customers when it can’t be on a person-to-person basis. The expanded web presence that all these pages add to the business can also act as a catalyst to bring in new clients and customers via various web portals.

First, let’s delve into what these New Media tools are, assuming that you are unfamiliar with them:

What is a blog?

blog (a blend of the term web log)  is a type of website or part of a website. Blogs are usually maintained by an individual with regular entries of commentary, descriptions of events, or other material such as graphics or video. Entries are commonly displayed in reverse-chronological order. You can visit the Alloy Productions blog by clicking here [link].

Most blogs are interactive, allowing visitors to leave comments and even message each other via widgets on the blogs and it is this interactivity that distinguishes them from other static websites.

Many blogs provide commentary on a particular subject; others function as more personal online diaries. A typical blog combines text, images, and links to other blogs, Web pages, and other media related to its topic. The ability of readers to leave comments in an interactive format is an important part of many blogs.

iTunesWhat is a podcast?

A “podcast” is a buzzword to describe a very simple concept: an audio or video file available on the Internet for you to listen to and/or watch. A podcast can also refer to a series of these audio or video files (similar to how a TV or radio “show” can be a series of shows or just one show). When using the word “podcast”, most people refer to the entire series and not just one audio or video file.

Audio and video files have been made available on the Internet for years. Why is a podcast different?

Break PODCAST down into two parts. First the POD: you can either listen to a podcast on your computer or transfer it to your portable audio/video device, which means that file is Portable, and it’s On-Demand because you can listen to or watch it when you want, where you want. The CAST means the file is sent out to you over the Internet, in the way a “broadcast” comes to you over the radio or TV airwaves. But instead of using a radio or TV, with podcasts you use a computer connected to the Internet, and on that computer you have a program that allows you to subscribe to, manage, and listen to or watch your favorite podcasts.

Hootsuite 300x250What is social media?

Social media is term used to describe sites such as Facebook and Twitter. There are many more social media sites than just Facebook and Twitter, but those are the two that people are probably the most familiar with at this time. These are sites where you and your contacts within the site act as reporters. Many people have seen their Facebook friends provide a link to an article on another blog or website. Social media can act as a great way to keep your clients or customers informed when they are not in direct contact with you. This has become very important to businesses in the recent future, and the proof is in the commercials you see on TV. Almost every business has a chunk in the commercial where you see the Facebook icon asking you to go “Like” them. In this day and age, these things are necessary for businesses.

What is the benefit to having these pages?

It is pretty simple, inexpensive web presence. Many people do not have the time, or knowledge to create a website. Since that is the case, someone needs to hire a person to design, create and upkeep a website for them. Then there are the costs of hosting that website. All of which can total up to a large bill at the end of the day. Most people are not aware of the fact that a knowledgable consultant can get you these things for very cheap, if not free. Rather than paying all the costs of hosting a website, which can grow into thousands of dollars per year, you can start a free blog (just like this one) to act as your website. A web consultant will help you set it up or set it up for you, whichever you choose, and give you the knowledge and tools to do it yourself, saving you money. Now you are in control of what goes up on your site and when. Whereas, if you were to pay an individual or company to run a website for you, you would have to email your contact with the details of the update, wait for them to make those changes and exchange a series of emails with them discussing changes that need to be made to fit your liking. Then you have to pay that person or company for that time spent. Wouldn’t it be easier and cheaper to do it yourself? With a web consultant provided by Alloy Productions, a knowledgable person with years of experience in the field of new media will show you how to do it yourself, saving you time and money in the long run. To see a full list of consulting Alloy Productions provides, head over to our “Consulting” page, and be sure to visit our “Clients” page to see who we’ve worked with in the past.

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You can see the work Alloy Productions has done for other clients by looking at the right side of the page for the “Alloy Productions [Credits]” tab. Underneath that heading, you will see a list of links to current and former client pages. All of these pages were setup by Alloy Productions. We encourage you to go browse those pages and see the work we’ve done for yourself.

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