“Alloy” Matt

Usually there are a bunch of links here, but instead, the picture above is a link to the Alloy Productions owner’s blog. You will find links to all of his pages from there, in one form or another. Since Alloy Productions is owned by Matt, and he is the primary consultant for Alloy Productions, we are posting about the fine owner of this company and his various pages. Matt has a LOT of pages! All of which he runs on his own. His blog is self-designed, as well as his blog’s Facebook page and all the tabs on it. He scours Facebook looking for the correct tab for his needs, and if he can’t find it, he creates one. His Tumblr is ran by him and was designed by him as well. Most social networks don’t allow for customization, so his 14 other pages (that is an accurate number) are about the same as anyone elses. They all function together very well and Matt is always looking for new ways to integrate them so they function even better. Head over to his blog and you will find links to all of his pages!


About Alloy Matt
Happy Husband | Beardsman | Blogger | Dreamer | Wholigan | Drinker of Coffees | Tweeter of Hashtags | Gamer of Table Tops | Amature Astronomer | Fanboy of Apple

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