As you may or may not know, every podcast that has been put out by Alloy Productions in the past (this list includes Alloy Podcast, Bullet Tooth Podcast, Rip City Podcast, the Stephen King Fancast and the Stephen King Movie Club) was hosted through Mevio. Alloy Productions was one of the producers that was largely affected by this “pivot.” What I mean by affected, is that the two years of experience that we have in the podcasting realm, is no longer provable, because those past episodes have been deleted from Mevio’s servers and no longer exist. This one action by Mevio, with no prior warning, has made it virtually impossible for us at Alloy Productions to prove that we have been podcasting for as long as we say we have, as we no longer have a backlog of episodes that we can point people to so they can verify our claims themselves. We will be asking people that we have collaborated with in the past to come to this blog posting and leave a comment saying when they were involved with our project and with which project, in hopes that we can use this posting as some sort of verification of our past podcasting experience.

This will not stop us. The Stephen King Fancast is on a short hiatus, until a new hosting situation is worked out, and the Stephen King Movie Club is now available only as a YouTube show. The rest of our podcasts have been shut down and will remain out of production. This is a trying time for us, but we will move on.

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  1. Holly says:

    I am not a band or a person interviewed by the podcast but I was a listener of the podcast and a fan of alloy productions. I had been listening to alloy podcast since October of 2010. The podcast had been around long before that but I had never had the means to listen to it until that time. Alloy Matt and Ben were phenomenal at what they did. They were the only podcast I listened to and I only wish that the podcast was still around today. They talked about a vast array of metal sub genres as well as incredible interviews with big name metal bands. It is a shame that mevio did this and I hope that this issue will be resolved in a timely manner.

  2. Daigle says:

    I’m commenting here to vouch for the efforts of Alloy Productions over the last couple years. I became a regular listener of the Alloy Podcast after Matt noticed a podcast I had started. He offered several pieces of advice which turned out to be instrumental in my podcast getting launched. I thoroughly enjoyed all 70 plus episodes of the Alloy Podacst. Matt is a natural at hosting and interviewing and it’s a true shame that this hosting company has removed the episodes of the Alloy Podcast in addition his other podcasts.

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