New Site: Josh Bile

Josh Bile is a comic book creator and needed a website and blog put up. It is still in the constructive process, as we are still working out some e-commerce options for his site so he can sell his comics directly from his site rather than having to link over to Amazon or any other internet shopping service. Josh wanted a darker, stripped down look to his site and we were happy to accommodate! Head over to and check it out and make sure to subscribe to his RSS feed so you can get updates about when his online store goes up or when he releases new comics!


Loafer’s Station: New Local Business Website

Alloy Productions is proud to introduce you to a client that we just consulted with, Loafer’s Station. Loafer’s Station is a restaurant located in Historic Downtown Albany, Oregon and has been there for many years. Loafer’s is a STAPLE in the local business community and we are so proud that we were able to work with them! Make sure you head over to their new site and “Like” them on Facebook,  “Follow” them on Twitter and/or get subscribed to their RSS feed to stay updated! I also want to encourage you (if you have ever dined at Loafer’s) to leave a nice review of your experience(s) on Foursquare, Google Places, Urbanspoon or Yelp by clicking on the appropriate link. I would like to thank Loafer’s Station and the fine staff there,especially Ashley T. Fuller and Wendy Torgeson for taking a chance on an upstart like Alloy Productions. Hit their pages and show them some love!

Loafer’s Station:  Site | Facebook | RSS | Twitter

Leave A Review:  Foursquare | Google | Urbanspoon | Yelp

As you may or may not know, every podcast that has been put out by Alloy Productions in the past (this list includes Alloy Podcast, Bullet Tooth Podcast, Rip City Podcast, the Stephen King Fancast and the Stephen King Movie Club) was hosted through Mevio. Alloy Productions was one of the producers that was largely affected by this “pivot.” What I mean by affected, is that the two years of experience that we have in the podcasting realm, is no longer provable, because those past episodes have been deleted from Mevio’s servers and no longer exist. This one action by Mevio, with no prior warning, has made it virtually impossible for us at Alloy Productions to prove that we have been podcasting for as long as we say we have, as we no longer have a backlog of episodes that we can point people to so they can verify our claims themselves. We will be asking people that we have collaborated with in the past to come to this blog posting and leave a comment saying when they were involved with our project and with which project, in hopes that we can use this posting as some sort of verification of our past podcasting experience.

This will not stop us. The Stephen King Fancast is on a short hiatus, until a new hosting situation is worked out, and the Stephen King Movie Club is now available only as a YouTube show. The rest of our podcasts have been shut down and will remain out of production. This is a trying time for us, but we will move on.

Posted by: Matt Jacobs

Video: Stephen King Comic Book Club


The Stephen King Fancast, one of the blogs that Alloy Productions helps run, recently started a new segment on their YouTube Channel, the Stephen King Comic Book Club.

We posted about their new vlog segment a while back, and the introduction of the Stephen King Movie Club. They got quite a good reaction from the YouTube platform, and decided to extend that YouTube channel to also encompass comic books. Since Stephen King now has three different comic book series’ in production, they thought the expansion was appropriate.

This is also a great example of how a YouTube channel can drive new readers and subscribers to a blog and drive more Facebook “Likes,” Google+ “Circlers” and/or Twitter “Followers.” Since starting their YouTube channel and adding quality content to that channel, the Stephen King Fancast blog has tripled their Facebook “Likes,” doubled their Google+ “Circlers” and nearly doubled their blog readership. Their tactful use of affiliate links has also seen a small margin of return on the investment as well. We have been assured that the money is being reinvested for a new podcast file hosting service and work on a mobile app for the blog.

Alloy Productions is proud to announce that we are the company that is developing the mobile app for the Stephen King Fancast.

On another note, the Stephen King Fancast is still looking to add contributors to their blog, so if you are a king fan that is interested in blogging, podcasting or vlogging about Stephen King related stuff, you should head over to their blog and look for the “Contributors Wanted” page for more info about how you can get involved!

Alloy Productions would be happy to help you with any of your web presence needs for your band, brand or business! Check out our “Clients” page to see some of our work or contact us via the email at the top, right side of this page or via any of our social networks!

Stephen King Fancast Links: Blog | Facebook | Google+ | Tumblr | Twitter | YouTube

Posted by Carol Jacobs

Stephen King Fancast Launches New Vlog Segment


The Stephen King Fancast, which is a blog and podcast that is ran by Alloy Productions, has launched a new YouTube Channel for a new segment on the blog called the Stephen King Movie Club. Matt, the host of the podcast and the newly found movie club says that he wanted to launch the YouTube channel because,

“Well, on the podcast, my listeners and I stick to book discussion. We never really delve into the movies at all.  Stephen King’s movies are how I originally became a King fan, and I wanted to have a place to do give them a little fair play. Most of the book fans don’t enjoy the movies, so I figured I would try out this new medium, well, new to the Stephen King Fancast anyway.”

Matt is always looking for new ways to reach out to his readers, listeners and viewers, so this seems like it might work well for this crowd. He is running a contest on this first episode, and we encourage all of you to check it out and try to win. All the details are provided in the video above.

Posted by @tits_mcgee82