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Keep in mind that your new media needs may vary from the example provided below. This is just a hypothetical situation of a business that may need the types of services we provide. It is just to get you thinking about what services you may need to suit your situation. You know what your needs are, and we know how to meet them.

Let’s say you own a road-side coffee stand and you want to use the internet as a promotional tool for potential customers, as well as a way to stay connected with your already existing customer base. So you want to start a blog and a few social media pages so you can start drawing in customers.

What are the costs of blog design, creation and upkeep? Can you afford those costs? Can I do this myself to save a little money? Which social networks should I be using? How do I keep up with all of these pages? Where do I start? These are probably just a few questions you would be asking yourself.

This is very simple. We don’t have packages to sort through, or various services that we provide. We offer consulting for all your new media needs, for a flat fee of $75.00 an hour.  In this situation, I would suggest the following:

Blog: A blog would be necessary because you want to be able to go into detail about a new product your business is offering or an event your business is holding/sponsoring and there are a variety of free blogging services out there. Keeping with the coffee stand example, this can be a new drink your coffee stand is offering, a special of the month promotion or a special one day event meant to draw in new customers such as “Coffee for Dollar” days in which any drink sold that day costs only one dollar. You can type up a blog post with all the specificity you can manage and post it to the blog. Now anyone that visits your blog, will see the post. Word of mouth is effective, but providing a platform for people to get and spread the word is key. Social networking can be that key.

Social Networks: There are several social networks that would be useful to a business such as this. I will not go into great detail about how they would work or how to integrate them with your blog or with each other for that matter, mainly because I don’t want to put myself out of business. However, you are probably familiar with these social networks in one form or another, so I probably won’t have to.

Facebook: Facebook is huge! It seems like almost everybody has a Facebook! Well, you can get on your businesses Facebook page and share the link to that blog post with all the people who are connected with your business on Facebook. Considering that most people check their Facebook before they leave for school or work, they will see that post and that may inspire them to stop for a cup of joe on their way.

Custom Facebook Tabs: We also do custom tabbing for Facebook pages. If you would like to integrate your Twitter and YouTube pages into your Facebook page, we can do that! We can also custom make tabs to suite your individual needs. Take a look through our “CLIENTS” page and see what we’ve done for them.  Tab setup is $25.00 per tab. EMAIL US BY CLICKING HERE is you are interested in this service.

Flickr & Instagram: Flickr is a social network designed specifically for sharing photos. (Such as a digital flyer for an event that could be placed in the original blog post as a graphic and on your Facebook and/or Twitter for people to see.) You can also ask your happy customers and friendly staff if you can get a few shots for the Flickr or Instagram Page.

FourSquare, Google Places & Yelp: This event is sure to bring in customers! When they get there, encourage them to “Check In” on FourSquare, Google Places or Yelp. These are services that use your mobile devices’ GPS to locate where you are in the world and stamp that location onto a post that goes out to the users’ Facebook and Twitter accounts. With a FourSquare, Google Places and/or Yelp page, you can offer special discounts for people who “Check In” to your place of business. After so many “Check Ins” at a place, you can become the “Mayor” of that place on FourSquare or the “Duke” on Yelp. You can offer an even better discount to these people, rewarding them for being a regular! This also promotes your place of business to all their Facebook and Twitter friends.

Twitter: Twitter is quickly gaining speed! More and more people are using Twitter. So if people are going to be talking about your business on Twitter, you might as well have a Twitter page so people can “Follow” you on Twitter for real-time updates. Many movies and TV shows advertise their own Twitter hashtags so people can see what’s being said as it happens.

YouTube: You might want to bring a video camera so you can get video of the line of cars around the block or your employees happily handing out coffee to the customers. Put the video on YouTube and then post that video on you blog, Facebook and Twitter so people can check out the video to see if they are in it somewhere. That may be their 15 minutes of internet fame.

As I hope you see from the example above, new media can be a great tool! So far, the only cost accrued for starting these pages would be the consulting fees. A good consultant can get you all of these pages at no cost. As I said before, unless you are starting a coffee stand, this model may not suit your needs. We have a vast knowledge of blogging, podcasting, audio/video editing and social networking with years of experience in all of those fields. Why would you go through the hassle of setting up a bunch of different pages, that aren’t integrated and won’t be used? You tell us your needs, and we can tell you what the best routes are for you. With a new media consultant, you can do it on a minimal budget and spread out over time. Can’t afford to do everything at once? Not a problem at all. Pay for a single hour and get some stuff going. Two weeks later you can afford another hour? Call us back and we’ll get some more done for you. A month later you need a couple more hours? Happy to help. You don’t pay us if you don’t need us. Another upside is that you will have full and total control of every page we help you with. You decide what goes up and when.

Need to hire a Consultant?  Send the owner an email by CLICKING HERE and he would be happy to set up a time to meet with you and discuss your needs free of charge. You don’t pay until we get to work. Make sure you ask about our package deals so you can get free consulting time by pre-paying for a certain amount of hours!

You can see the work Alloy Productions has done for other clients by looking at the right side of the page for the “Alloy Productions [Credits]” tab. Underneath that heading, you will see a list of links to current and former client pages. All of these pages were setup by Alloy Productions. We encourage you to go browse those pages and see the work we’ve done for yourself.


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